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If you have any questions or if you want to share a call center recruitment/application story, post it here! Thank you very much.



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  1. ano mas better? umamin na awol or resigned kahit hindi?

    1st job that i went awol was since 2013 only stayed 3 mos kasi mag aabroad ako kaya napa awol ako (hindi ako cleared dito kaya wala ko coe)

    2nd job is 2014 nag 4yrs ako jan and nagexit ng maayos last year (good thing hindi mahigpit BC dito kaya nakalusot and now looking for another BPO kaso i cant decide about sa prev exp ko)

    pa email po ako sa answer nyo

  2. Hi. I would like to know if i cannot declare my previous job? I went awol because i didnt render 30 days at that time. I last only 1 month.

  3. hi seven hingi lang sana ako ng tips sa mga possible interview questions sa quality analysts post nag apply kasi ako at this monday na interview ko.. nag ask ako sa iba kong kawork onti lang nashare nila more of situational questions na pero ung sa basic hindi masyado… like why do you want to apply as a QA wala ko idea sa sagot and after 4 yrs of being an agent why just applying now? mga question po sana need ko with idea sa answers salamat

  4. Hi i would like to raise an issue regarding my resignation due to medical condition. two months palang ako sa cvg nung nagkasakit ako, i submitted a med cert namay recommendation for rehabilitation and unfit to work, so i submitted my resignation to my tl and we processed it sign here sign there after 2 or 3 months which is now eh nagpaclearance ako, ang sabi ni hr e may training bond daw akong kailangan bayaran ayon sa contract kung hindi ko matapos yung four months sa cvg, sabi ko naman resign ako due to medical issue so pinagawa nila ako ng letter na nagccertify na nakamedical resign pala ako, sabi din ng hr na personal resignation yung sinubmit ng tl ko hindi medical eh may conversation kami sa fb na sinend at pinakita ko pa sa kanya mga med certs ko, after ko gumawa nung letter for request na iwave yung training bond na 25,000 lang naman ay inattach namin yung medcert ko, hindi daw guaranteed na iaapprove yon ng manager nila ,so baka hindi ko makuha yung 20k plus kong backpay at ikaltas nila yung trainibg bond. Any advice and should i call or ask for authourities already to help me regarding this matter, sayang ang backpay pag di naapprove . Salamat sa may idea.

  5. Hi I would like to know what is exactly an RTWN . How will it affect the employee.Pls reply

  6. Hi Se7en!

    I just wanna ask if a company keep a record of previous awol employees of a company they bought recently?

  7. Hi Se7en,
    I’m in my late 40’s, a college graduate and have been a full time mom to my kids. I would I like to seek your advice regarding my complicated situation.
    My husband’s family is into garments business for almost 4 decades. Before I met my husband I worked into 3 fastfood chains and in 1 bank. My first job lasted only for 2 weeks but they’re the one who processed my TIN #. I resigned but never made clearance. I was hired as a newbie to another fastfood chain where I stayed for 1 1/2 months. Then I resigned again without making clearance. Again, I applied as a newbie to another fastfood chain and stayed for almost 6 months. I was terminated due to politics and envious co-managers. I did not declared it when I applied for my last job in a bank. Again, I was hired and stayed for 3 months. But I went AWOL then got terminated be because I got pregnant and eloped with my boyfriend then, now my husband. All of these happened way back 1994-1996. After that I became a housewife and never worked in any company. Since my husband’s family was expanding, my husband and I supervised their branches in different places. We we’re never part of their payroll and only received allowances from my father-in-law. It was more than enough for our daily needs. Until he got very ill and died last 2015. Almost all of their income was spent for my father-in-law’s hospitalization and medication.
    Affected by financial difficulties, they went out of business. My husband and I went unemployed. Now we’re in debt and broke. We are very much in need to send my kids to college. I desperately wanted to work in a BPO industry because they say you’re well compensated. I need to help and support my family during this tough times. However, I have a lot of troubling questions in mind…

    a. Is it right to put only my 2nd job where I stayed and resigned for only 1 1/2 months but made no clearance? How about putting also supervising branches of family business as work experience?

    b. Will I still be hired at my age? with no vast work experience?

    c. If I apply in a BPO will it matter if my first work experience happened decades ago?

    d. How about my TIN & SSS contributions? I haven’t updated them and still bears my maiden name.

    e. I don’t have Philhealth and Pag-ibig number but I do remember 2 companies deduct these 2 from my salary.

    f. How about if they’ll ask about my BIR 2316, 1905 and COE? Will they make a background check?

    I now regret what I did during my younger days. I hope you can enlighten me regarding this situation. Please reply through my email.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  8. Hello! I wish to get advice.

    I worked in this BPO company from Oct2012 til May 2013. I am fully aware that we have bond for 1year which requires 30k payment if resigned in less than a year.

    That was my very first bpo. I was so overwhelmed with the load of work and worse, the long travel time is just too much to handle.
    I tried to resign but my supervisor declined it as I dont have plans of working extra weeks just to pay the bond.

    After that, I accepted a more stable work where I spent my last 4 years. Now, I tried applying to a new company and naturally, I declared my stay in that bpo in my resume even I was awol. Now, I just realized that this company I applied is doing an extensive background check. Im so worried because this BPO may just tell the background checker that I am awol there.

    I just keep my fingers crossed, hoping that I pass the background check.

    Nonetheless, do you have any idea if clearing myself to that BPO wud make any change? Like if my status to them wud change from “awol” to “cleared”. This may be a company discrepancy but if they are willing to change it, I will go back to that company and clear myself. Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance

  9. Hi!
    I also have a problem with coe
    Last yr 2016, nag resign ako, nag pasa naman ako resignation letter, the thing is umandar yun 30 days ko na wala sila pinaprocess na clearance instead they ask me to extend another 10 days..nag agree ako kase nahihiya naman ako sa hr..but the thing is di ko na matagalan so I texted hr na hindi na ko makakapasok..and di na tlaga ko naclear..nag request ako ng coe this 2017..waiting ako sa response..may chance kaya makakuha ako..hay..wala ba company or call center na hindi na need ng coe hehe

    4 yrs ako sa previous company ko

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  11. Hi i have a question. Nag awol po ako sa isang bpo company. Nsa last week of training na ko pero di kona sya tinapos kasi sobrang stressful yung work at nkakafrustrate. Do i need to still submit a resignation letter? Thank you

  12. What will I do? I failed the product training and I stayed there for one month. then I found this company on my employment records already. don’t know if I am going to declare it or not. what will be the impression of the next company if i declared it and say that i failed the product training?

  13. Hi. My Apologies for the late reply, I’ve been busy with work and business that I hardly have time to visit the blog, much less reply.

    I am sorry to hear about what happened to you. The sad reality when you are in your probationary status is that the company (via your managers) have the option to fire you and retain whoever they think is fit. We can’t take that against them since it’s their prerogative. However, if you want to find out if this is a labor case, then you can consult with the NLRC.

    As for your status, if you were not able to resign properly, malamang, you were tagged as AWOL, you were sent an RTWO, followed by a termination letter if the recipient does not comply or reply.

    The best advice I can give you is to talk to our HR to clarify your status. You can tell them your story. You can get a copy of your 2316 but as for the COE, again, check with your HR.


  14. Hi .. May tanong lang sana ako .. I am employed as a tsr in cvg .. Pumirma ako sa contract nung aug. 23 2016 .. I passed the training period the nesting and so on but unfortunately I wasn’t able to be regularized dahil nga i got a final written warning dahil sa performance hindi ko na hit ung target scores ko and sabi ko sa TL ko na magfile nalang ako ng resignation at hndi kna antayin na madismiss akonsa program that was December nung nagusap kami ng TL ko pero pinakiusapan nya ako na magstay pa at tapusin nalang ang contract kaya ako nagstay padin at Hindi padin ako umaabsent dahil ayokong magkaatendance issue ako dahil un na ung naging prob ko sa last BPO bago tong cvg.. Akala ko May chance pako para maextend and maregular kasi wala naman akong attendance issue and winoworkon ko naman kahit paano ung scores ko and then nalaman ko nalang this jan na sa Lima sa Amin na Hindi mareregular isa dun ung Hindi kayang I letgo ng TL namin at sya Lang daw ang gagawan ng paraan para maregular the fact na palagi un nalalate at Hindi rin maganda ang scores nya Gaya ko.. When I heard the news I really got disappointed sa TL ko I feel na May favoritism sya at nalaman ko pa na kaya nya kami piangsstay at ayaw magrender ng resignation kasi iniisip nya lang ung attrition nya Hindi ung dahil gusto nya magstay kami dahil kailangan pa kami sa program at Hindi nga kami susukuan dahil kaya pa naman maiayos ang score. Kaya ang nangyari dahil super disappointed ako sa TL ko na Ganun nya nalang ako kadaling iletgo na willing pa ako magstay kaya Hindi nako pumasok simula jan. 16 dahil nawalan nako ng gana ang Hirap pa nya pakiusapan at sarili lang nya iniisip nya at ung score nya. Wala na sana akong plan na umalis dun dahil napapagod nadin akong magpalipat lipat ng company and gsto kna magstay for long term pero ganito naman ung nangyari..

    My question is tagged na kaya ako sa cvg as AWOL or terminated kasi nga Hindi na ako nakapagexit ng ayos at dkna tinapos ung contract .. I am waiting Kung makakareceive ako ng RTWO pero wala akong mareceive kasi Kung makakareceive ako nun haharap ako sa HR to defend my side and to exit properly .. Pwede pa kaya ako makahingi ng COE And 2316 kahit na Ganun ung pagexit ko .. Ayoko na sana magawol to be honest Sobrang nawalan nalang talaga ako ng gana on what my TL did Kung pinayagan nya lang sana ako magresign eh di sana ok na makamove on na ako sa ibang kumpanya na di ako susukuan.. Kaya ngayon Hindi padin ako makaaply dahil nga sa nangyari .. AWOL na kaya ako o terminated? Please help me with my concern .. Ilalagay ko pa din ba ung exp ko sa cvg sa resume ko .. Please help me with this kasi gusto ko na sana magapply Hindi kna alam ung gagawin ko .. 😦

  15. Hi Seven,

    I have been a hopper for the past 3 years.. Oh my how hard it is to defend my resume. I’m glad I finally found a backoffice email/voice account. I’m staying here for good. I’ll build my career here.. I just cant imagine hopping anymore.

  16. i have already talk to hr about it. oks hindi ko nabasa yung contract ng maayos. hehehe thanks for your help..

  17. Hi Edmon.

    Apologies for the late reply. The answer to your question is with your payroll/HR. There is a schedule as to when a salary is held depending on the date of your resignation and whether it falls on or out of the payroll cut off date. This may be too late but if it isn’t, please consult with them, this way, hindi hula ang sagot ko/namin sayo.


  18. Hi. The training bond is prorated. It’s 25,000 Php divided by 6 months. If you choose to clear your name, you will have to talk to and submit your resignation letter to your former manager/supervisor.

    Also, the termination lettwr you receive does not supercede your AWOL. You were terminated because you went on AWOL.

    Finally, they are asking you to pay because you agreed to pay. Part of the hiring process is to have you sign a contract that says you will pay the company if you resign within six month. Technically, a bond is illegal BUT because you agreed to it – by signing a contract and actually working for CVG, you are liable.


  19. Hi. Apologies for the late response. This is probably too late but I would recommend you talk to your trainer. Technically, he is your manager.


  20. Hi seven,
    Para sa iba na makakabasa nito, I understand tanga lang ang dating ha. nagpasa kasi ako ng resignation letter, rendering 30 days period. ang problema, nagkamali ako ng bilang kasi, nagsubmit ako 2 days before ako makakuha ng sweldo. kaya pa naman ng sweldo ko yung remaining 30 days duration na nirirender ko kaya nag decide ako mag quit.
    ang problema ko, saktong 30 days lang pala talaga ang budget ko. at after
    the end of the 30 day period mamumoblema na pala ako.
    if that is the case, kasama na ba nilang ihohold ang sasahurin ko this week since nagpasa ako ng resignation letter ng maaga pa salary date? or makakapagsweldo ba ako since 2 days before salary at sakop na rin naman ng cut off yun? i know your not handling payroll. but at least hopefully you could reply.
    wag kang mag alala, hindi ako mangungutang hahahaha. reply lang po

  21. Hi po ,Good evening

    I was hired on Convergys last year August 26 ,2016. I went AWOL after December 29 without prior notice because i really cant handle the stressed.

    On the contract that I signed, there is a trianing bond stating that if i will leave or terminated within 4 months starting on training I should pay the training bond which is worth 25000

    Question is,
    I recieve a NOT letter from CVG, and if ever i will retrun of return they will giving me an Admin hearing to HR since I was NCNS

    after a week I recieve again a letter from them that due to failure to comply the notice they will terminate me, and said that I should pay the training bond.

    Question is..
    How should i approach this?
    Starting from august 26 to december 28 is already worth 4months and 3 days, it is stated in the contract that termination within 4months is where i should pay the training bond, and why they are asking me to pay?

    I was afraid to submit a resignation letter since i know that i need to render atleast 30 days of work after submitting the resignation letter

    Please help me gow to work things out.. I know AWOL is not a good thing but I dont have a choice since I will be geeting an earful from my TL ,OM, and GR if i resign..

  22. If you go AWOL for emergency/personal reasons, and decided to reapply to the same company, are you still eligible for rehire?

  23. Hi! may question po ako. Nag pasa po ako ng unfit to work sa T.L namin kasi di ko na talaga kaya ang graveyard shift at nakaranas na akong ma-high blood sa edad na 20. San po ba nag pa pa clearance and babayaran ko po ba yung training bond kasi 3 months lang ang tinagal ko sa company.

  24. Hi Jay. Since you were not able to advise your TL (due to the signal problem), he tagged you as NCNS. Unfortunately, this tagging is correct. This is why I encourage my associates to “make kulit” until I respond. They really do not have to make kulit because I respond after receiving the first text or call. Your TL is being technical, and here, he is correct because he is following your internal process.

    The only recommendation I can make here is to move on and make sure you do not repeat this offense – make sure your TL is aware of your absence 2 to 3 hours prior to your absence.


  25. Hi ImJay,

    I want to ask question about tagging as NCNS. I texted my Supervisor 3:30 am however since due to lack of signal in my area my supervisor did not get it and I told him that I sent it usually whenever Im not feeling well im always advising him 2 or 3 hours before the shift and this is the first instance it happened and he tagged me NCNS and he received by message late. He said that I need to present a medcert and that is fine and I serve the medcert however he still tagged me NCNS. Is it correct or no?

  26. Hi Marj.

    Thank you for leaving a comment.

    You’re not alone there. A lot of people have done what you did yet they still end up being employed. I have yet to find someone who says “I am unemployable because I went on AWOL.”

    Everyone makes mistakes but if you keep making that mistake, then the problem is no longer the company or your personal circumstance, it’s you.

    Go ahead and apply for a job and don’t worry about what happened. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again. This time, I hope you will stay.

    Hope this helps.


  27. Hi! Passed by your page while searching out answers about resignation and AWOL. I am really anxious about what might happen to me in the future.

    I am a fresh graduate and fortunately, I was hired a month after my graduation. Not knowing what to expect, I went to work and and prepared myself for what’s to come. Unfortunately, because of personal reasons, I decided to quit after seven days. Call it unprofessional or immature, but I can’t have it any other way. I passed a resignation letter right away and didn’t come to work anymore.

    Now what’s worrying me is that will my future employers find out about this through my SSS, Pagibig and Philhealth. I decided not to declare this experience in my resume. I only received my pay once in my previous work.I’m worried I might get found out once I applied.

    Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  28. Ask Ko lang , Nakapagpamedical at sign narin ako ng JO … No medical kasi No JO.
    Pero , biglang nagkaroon ng problema sa bahay which is sobrang apektado ako, also thinking that I wouldnt be able to pass the training in this state sobrang bigat kasi and would like to cancel my JO to support my mom also ..pwede po ba yun ? Sa friday pa mag sstart yung training … Thanks

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